KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik A/S achieve increased capacity with fit-up system and column and boom

After a long search for a supplier, Blaaholm was chosen to produce a solution to a capacity problem at KN Beholderfabrik.

Blaaholm Fit-up solution for  KN Beholderfabrik 1
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KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik
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KN Beholderfabrik needed fit-up systems and a column and boom to optimize the production and increase the capacity. Both solutions needed to be tailored to their requirements.

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  • Challenged on the capacity.
  • Couldn't keep up with the demand.
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  • Expectation of a 30% increase in capacity.
  • Better production flow and system procedures.
  • Optimized production planning with less time on fit-up.
  • Higher quality.
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We could see that the fit-up system could solve our challenges in step 1, so that was what triggered the decision. As we on top of that could get a customized column and boom, where all our requirements were met, was the basis of step 2.
KN Kasper Kenneth
Kenneth Nielsen
CEO, KN Beholderfabrik & Miljøteknik