CS Wind Taiwan reach the desired capacity on new factory

Multi Seam Welding Station with online support secures high capacity and high reliability at CS Wind. The easy operation of the column and booms means that operators can focus on the quality of the products.   

Blaaholm Multi Seam Welding Station for CS Wind Taiwan
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CS Wind Taiwan
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Production Equipment for establishing a new CS Wind Tower factory in Taiwan.

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  • New innovative production equipment to reach desired capacity.
  • Limited space.
  • Limited crane capacity.
  • New employees without great experience with SAW welding.
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  • Multi Seam Welding Station means that the desired capacity is reached on limited space.
  • Easy operation of column & booms.
  • Rotators and fit-up systems can handle heavy structures.
  • Fewer shutdowns and less hours spent and less staff for maintenance.
  • Customized solutions to save space and crane capacity.
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Blaaholm's solutions solved our challenges. The Multi Seam Welding Station with 3 welding heads helped us achieve our desired welding capacity in limited space. The Column & Booms are easy to operate even for inexperienced operators. The operators trust the equipment and can concentrate on the quality of the products.
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Mr. Park
Head of CS Wind Taiwan , CS Wind Taiwan