Multi seam welding station

An automated and optimized Multi Seam Welding Station for the SAW welding process.

A Multi Seam Welding Station means high productivity, high uptime and high utility rate in the production of onshore/offshore towers, monopiles, pipes and tanks.

An innovative state-of-the-art automated solution with up to 4 welding heads in one station.  

Blaaholm Multi Seam Welding Station 1
  • Need to increase productivity?
  • Looking for a higher level of automation in the welding processes?
  • Having only one operator to operate up to 4 welding heads?
  • Achieve a high utility rate?

The solution is a Multi Seam Welding Station with 2, 3 or 4 welding heads. Contact us today.

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Jesper Hansen
Jesper Aarup Hansen
Technical Sales Manager
Thomas Thyssen
Thomas Thyssen
Product & Business Development Manager
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Torben Blaaholm