Rotators for steel production

We develop and manufacture rotators for the production of onshore/offshore towers, monopiles, pipes and tanks. Rotators to provide a high welding quality.

High uptime, easy maintenance and long service life on the rotators are buzzwords for us. This way, we can ensure an optimized production.

Blaaholm Rotators for tower and monopile production 5
  • Do you have an unstable rotation in the welding process?
  • Are you searching for rotators with high uptime, low maintenance and high quality in the welding process?

Tell us about your challenges today. We will find the right customized rotator solution.

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Jesper Hansen
Jesper Aarup Hansen
Technical Sales Manager
Thomas Thyssen
Thomas Thyssen
Product & Business Development Manager
Torben Blaaholm 5
Torben Blaaholm