Hard Automation

Blaaholm Hard Automation equals innovative technical solutions. Solutions for automating and optimizing the onshore/offshore wind turbine tower production, monopiles, pipes and tanks. 

We develop and produce high-end solutions. And the solutions are customized to your production.

We ensure high output, high level of automation and high uptime.

  • Do you want the production processes automated?
  • Do you have challenges with production output?
  • Are you looking for higher uptime and easier maintenance?

We know the exact challenges in the production of onshore/offshore towers, monopiles, containers and tanks.

That's why we challenge your production setup with innovative solutions. Solutions that supports you in retaining a strong position in a competitive market.

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Jesper Hansen
Jesper Aarup Hansen
Technical Sales Manager
Thomas Thyssen
Thomas Thyssen
Product & Business Development Manager
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Torben Blaaholm
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